Welsing Electric Kettle with STRIX | FAST BOIL v2.1 | 1000 Watt Plug-in Water Pot

  • $18.25

✓ FAST BOIL v2.1 INTELLIGENT DESIGN: 3min 30sec Boil Time for 1 Mug of Coffee or Tea! 9-Minute Boil Time for full capacity 2.0 Liters 

✓ STRIX® ELECTRIC CONTROLLER SAFEST IN THE WORLD: We proudly use Strix® Technology which prides iteself for being the world leader in Electric Kettle Safety

✓ AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF AND DRY-BOIL PROTECTION: Our kettle is designed to SHUT OFF AUTOMATICALLY at exactly the right moment when boiling begins

✓ 304 FOOD-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: We choose higher grade stainless steel than our competitors because we value longevity and durability

✓ SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Auto shut-off makes this perfect for our elderly family members and when we're just too busy and distracted!


AUTO Shut-off, Dry-Boil Protection, Safety Minded, and Energy Efficient. Say goodbye to the stove and the microwave.

- 110-125 Volts, 9 Amps, 1000 Watts
- 2-prong UL approved plug with 32 inch cord for American sockets
- 2.0 Liter Capacity
- Orange LED Indicator Light
- Locking Lid and Large Handle
- Automatic Shut-off
- Dry-boil Protection
- 3min 30sec Boil Time for 1 Mug
- 9min Boil Time for 2 Liters

- QK1000 Cordless Kettle
- STRIX Kettle Base with 32 inch power cord
- Instructions and Warning Booklet
- Attractive Gift Box Packaging