HeavyWeight 48'' inch Flat Bungee Cords with Hooks 4-PACK with 4 Ball Bungees

  • $20.88

✓ 4 PACK: 4 Flat Bungees 48" inch length with 3/4" inch width AND 4 Ball Bungees 9" inch length unstretched

✓ DURABILITY: High strength outer bungee material has outstanding longevity | UV and weather resistant, lasts for years indoors and up to 6 months in constant outdoor conditions

✓ ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Each flat bungee has an adjustable length hook to adjust for desired length | Stretches up to 50% increase to normal length

✓ STEEL INNER HOOK: Plastic coated steel hooks help protect your equipment from scraping and scratching | 150 pound strength rating

✓ THE FLAT PACK: Flat bungees are ideal for spreading pressure along a greater surface area | Prevents denting and cutting into cargo, boxes, and equipment compared to normal bungees



- Flat Bungees: 48 inch total length and 3/4 inch width
- 150 Pounds Strength Rating
- Stretches up to 50% increase to normal length
- Adjustable Length Sliding Hook
- Ball Bungees: 9 inch length unstretched with fully capped balls
- Flat Bungee Colors: 2 Orange/Black Straps and 2 Yellow/Black Straps
- Ziplock Style Storage Bag

- 4 Flat Bungees 48 inch
- 4 Ball Bungees 9 inch
- Warning Card