25 Pack Ball Bungee 9 inch Black | HeavyWeight 9'' Tarp Bungee Cords | Weather Resistant Tie Down Strap and 5mm Thickness | For tents, cargo, holding wire and hose

  • $13.95

  • ✓ NEW DESIGN FOR 2020: 25 Pack of Ball Bungees with increased thickness, durability, and stretch
  • ✓ 9 INCH: Each ball bungee cord is 9 inches in length and now stretches evenly to 20 inches in length, not including the length of the ball
  • ✓ BLACK: All solid black color
  • ✓ DURABLE: New thicker bungee material is 5mm in width, offering better strength and longevity in all conditions
  • ✓ USEFUL FOR: camping, tents, tarps, cargo, organizing, holding coiled cords, hoses