Safety & Usage

Thanks for trusting HeavyWeight with your tie-down needs.

Please be advised of the following suggestions when using our products:

Cables and Bungees should be stored indoors whenever possible. Although our products are UV resistant and durable, that does not make them impervious to constant exposure to the elements. 

If you plan to use your cables outdoors for long periods of time, we recommend keeping them protected from moisture and direct & constant exposure to sunlight. There are various items and sleeves that can assist in this. 

Do not over-stretch cables beyond their maximum stated stretch lengths! Doing so will weaken the cables and decrease their useful lifetime. 

While not in use, ensure that your cables are not stretched! Letting them stay in a relaxed state while stored will help ensure that they stay flexible for as long as possible!

Do not use our products to suspend, wrap, or otherwise engage people or pets! We do not support or encourage any dangerous or reckless behavior that could endanger any lifeforms. Our cables are intended for storage and non-living cargo only!